3D Digitizing

Download free 3D digitizing software Easy 3D Scan® to create 3D Views. You need to record a video with 360-degree rotation using your photo camera. You can import a video in .MP4/.MOV formats from any camera. Easy 3D Scan software will analyze video data and get 3D data.


3D View

You can create a 3D View of any object - you are only limited by size of your photo setup. Jewelry, accessories, toys, bags, shoes, clothes, etc.

3D View for apparel

Ideal for display of clothing and accessories on a model/mannequin. Use 3D View to shoot static 3D looks as well as in motion - for instance, to show certain features like opening a secret pocket or demonstrating luxurious printed coat lining.

How it Works

Easy 3D Scan software demo



When making a 3D View of a product, your camera does not move around the product. Instead, it is mounted on a tripod and takes a video while your product is being rotated on a turntable.


You can use this turntable to rotate a small object: Turnspro Timelapse Camera Mount – link to Amazon / link to B&H   and Vello MPH-P8 plate – link to B&H

Here is a simple turntable from Arqspin for medium and large objects/humans, but you can buy any motorized turntable and use it with our software – link to amazon.com

It is important to center your product – if your product isn’t placed in the center of the turntable, it may appear to move unsteadily when spun. In case your turntable rotates counter-clockwise, you can choose Reverse Rotation in the software and change the direction of rotation. Clockwise rotation is selected by default.

Your task is to shoot a video of your object being rotated. The software will use this video to create a 3D view of the object. You need to shoot a full turn and a half. If you use a Canon, please just press the Start button; as soon as the object has been rotated a full turn and a half, please press the Stop button.

Please make sure that the turntable is rotating evenly. The optimal speed for a full turn is from 30 seconds up to one minute. Many cameras cannot provide good picture quality if an object is rotated faster. We recommend that you record several test videos where the turntable is spinning at different speeds and then choose the optimal one.


You can probably use any photo camera that has the video mode. You need to record a video with 360-degree rotation using your photo camera and open it from the software.

Recommended camera settings:
• Manual exposure
• Frame rate: 30
• Aperture: F8.0
• Shutter speed: 1/30 sec
• ISO: 100
• White Balance: Auto (depends on your lighting and camera)
• Image stabilization: Off

Using a high ISO value might make your images look noisy. However, using a low ISO value will keep your images looking nice. What is more important: the color of the background should be as white as possible. You can change aperture, shutter or ISO values to make the background closer to white, and your results will depend on the lighting in your studio.

Lights & Light box

You should have continuous lights and a white background to record the video. Paper background is preferable.
If you are not sure what lighting equipment to buy, you can try to buy a light box where everything is included.

Like this one – link to amazon.com


Here you can find a sample of the video. You can download it and try to import to test the software.
Download video – link

Please note: we are not affiliated with companies who sell light boxes or turntables! These links are given to help you find what you need.

Webinar with live demo

Full version of webinar – Link


Online course from Photigy school

3D Digitizing and 360° View Creation For Photographers and E-Commerce

“In this course, you will learn how to create 360° 3D view rotations for e-commerce. We will show you the best available gear that can be used for such projects: review it and show in the practical part.
The course lessons cover the complicated types of photography, such as and white glossy products on white background.”