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3D & VR/AR cloud-based platform for e-commerce and retail

What We Offer

Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that lets you easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experience to your customers. Only 7% of total retail shopping happens online. This reveals a huge gap in the online shopping experience and Cappasity has created a system which bridges this gap.

How it Works

To digitize your product into 3D, you can use Cappasity Easy 3D Scan™. Existing 3D models are easily uploaded to the Cloud, too.

Create or import 3D content using Cappasity Easy 3D Scan™

Upload your 3D Images to the Cloud

Cappasity platform

Digitize and store your 3D content on Cappasity Cloud

Showcase interactive 3D images on websites, VR (WebVR), AR and mobile devices

Direct integration into e-commerce platforms, JavaScript SKU API for websites

Cappasity API for apps developers

Analytics tools for user engagement, clicks and conversion

Embed them anywhere you like

3D shopping

Upgrade from flat images to 3D visualizations of products in your online store, taking your customers to the next level of a through-the-screen interaction.

VR/AR shopping

Offer a truly immersive shopping experience to your customers and bring your products closer with help of VR/AR technology.

Mobile 3D shopping

Powered by Cappasity Mobile SDK, your online store app offers a true 3D view of products and enriches your customers’ mobile shopping experience.

Why Business Needs 3D

Since 3D images are fully interactive, 3D visualization provides considerably more detailed information about a product. A user is able to interact with it in the same way as with the original object. Being able to view a 3D image from all sides, customers get a complete idea of the product, its shape and dimensions. Such an opportunity is essential for e-commerce as it ultimately results in higher conversion rates and lower number of returns.

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Subscription plans


$0per month
  • $0 per year
  • 30 3D images for embedding
  • Storage: 0.5Gb
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Website integration
  • 2 free 3D scan to OBJ per month (additional $10 each)


$14.99per month
  • $149 per year
  • 100 3D images for embedding
  • Storage: 2Gb
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Website integration
  • 3 free 3D scan to OBJ per month (additional $5 each)


$99.99per month
  • $999 per year
  • Unlimited embedding
  • Storage: 20Gb
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No watermark
  • Upload custom backgrounds
  • Advanced viewer customization
  • Website integration
  • 7 free 3D scan to OBJ per month (additional $5 each)

Cappasity 3D digitizing and VR/AR shopping solutions for enterprise

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